Software 4design per il Rendering a Effetto Pavimento

Informazioni di Base

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Informazioni di Base
  • Model No.: SWX008
  • Tipo : Tool Software
  • Versione linguaggio : Multi-Language
  • OS : 98,2000,2003 di Windows, XP, Vista, Win7
  • Standard : Offline Edition
  • Applicazione : Business Edition
Descrizione del prodotto

Main Usage:

4Design Ground Material Display Software is a highly interactive tool to assist businesses selling products, so that consumers can visually see the effect of laying on the floor at home, more amazing is that the change in the showroom and freedoms on the basis of a combination of materials, real-time to meet the individual needs of customers, to truly achieve a dream home in mind. Simple, practical, comprehensive building materials industry-specific software.

For Who:

Floor & Carpet sale software that carpet & flooring dealers, stores common use, quickly show Floor & carpet renderings, A leading provider of integrated solutions carpet and specialty stores.


Let Purchasing Guide software to operate on the floor, on-site presentations to clients, attractive flow! 4Design Ground Material Software to allow customers on site to experience flooring, carpet, tile color changing effects in the home, Just click the mouse, you can display different spellings floor effect. Zero cost, unlimited model room, saving proofing costs.

Feature of Software:

1) Function rooms' selection (There're 250 rooms of different styles for choice currently);

2) Self-help accretion of materials (Users can add their own pictures of curtain, cloth, etc. Into the software's gallery);

3) Self-help accretion of room types (Users can use camera to shot down the scenes, add to the software, then select materials easily );

4) Self-help materials to add functionality (customers can add their own tiles, plaster line, brick and other materials pictures to the gallery);

5) Self-help materials to add functionality (customers can add their own hallway carpets, rugs, pvc flooring, wood flooring, vinyl and other materials into the software image gallery);

6) Self-modifying material Picture function (pictures can be taken material cropping, matting, etc, without the aid of any third-party software);

7) According to the reflective properties of the floor, Automatically adjust the reflective coefficient;

8) randomly Paving generated color, each click generated color varies;

9) According to the characteristics of the floor, the floor software adjustable floor standard size, floor mosaic mode (two-fight, three-mile), paving direction (horizontal spread, vertical spread), self-adjusting floor color, etc.;

10) According to the room size provided by the customer, the software can accurately calculate the amount of floor calculate the utilization of the floor.

11) Save punctually, can continue to operate next time, generate rendering immediately and print it out.

12) Automatic demo function;

13) Upgrade online for free;

14) Multiple language versions available.

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